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    乐福平台[Pg 128]


    "As a matter of fact," said Henry, "she's pretty good at looking after herself."
    "What does it matter what people say? We know, you and I, that you're going to have a job soon. We can manage on a very little at first——"
    Alas, Henry did not know. It was here that the vision always stayed. At the instant when the ground opened his size, his command, his force collapsed. He fell, with a bang to the ground, generally to find that some one was hitting him in the ribs, or stepping on his toes or cursing him for being in the way.


    1."Yes, because you don't like me. You think me a tiresome middle-aged bore and a bad influence for Henry." His eyes drew her own. Suddenly she liked his face, his clear honest gaze, his strong mouth and something there that spoke unmistakably of loyalty and courage.
    2."Beppo?" asked Millie.
    3.She rang the bell, and soon a small boy dressed in a blue uniform and brass buttons stared at her and appeared to be incapable of understanding a word that she said.
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